Soldier Interrupted

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The Scar Project…Soldier Interrupted…. is special and about being a survivor and overcomig and accepting and awareness and, and so much more….


new day dawn

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karoo dawnOnce the dust settles and the crunch of gravel has died away…all that is left is the dawn of a new day and the road that lies ahead, to make of it what we will….

death becomes us all

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light and life in green

life seems like such a transient thing, often we slip by death blissfully unaware that the next breath is life, no breath, no life….. so in a sliver of light I saw life quiver, green ghosts of evergreen… delicate fronds riding on this breath of life…

pure form

•June 15, 2007 • 3 Comments

formPure form is found all around, the curve of a spine, the last drop on a leaf, in a curve…..the flow and the line have a certain grace and elegance, like the lines of motor vehicles, especially some of the older cars, when the design was sometimes far from functional – it was a thing of beauty only.

beach zen

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redmeat is a myth.

zenset… is not only do you get the complete package, you will also receive – absolutely free – ….. free is sometimes a myth as well, in fact most of the time…. but sunrise and sunset is relatively free – you get one of each everyday…. make of it what you will.

these stones kissed by the setting sun – rock and sand, hard and soft, yin and yang, a kind of beach zen…. before enlightenment – throwing stones, after enlightenment – throwing stones…. at the beach we are more equal somehow….less preoccupied with urban stealth and more prone to natures soft touch.